Board of directors

Board of Directors Role Proposing Institution
Donald Duraj Chairman Supervisory Authority
Genci Mamani Member Supervisory Authority
Majlinda Demko Member Minister of Finance
Adelina Xhemali Member Minister of Finance

Organization of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency

The Deposit Insurance Agency Board of Directors is the highest decision-making and supervising organ of ADIA’s activity. In compliance with Law no. 53/14, dated 22.05.2014 “On deposit insurance”, the members of the Board are appointed by the Supervisory Authority and proposed as follows:

  • Two members by the Supervisory Authority;
  • Two members by the Minister of Finance;
  • One member by The Institute of Authorized Chartered Auditors of Albania .

The position-holding duration for each Board of Directors’ member is five years, and all the duration expiry dates intend to fall distributed proportionately throughout the five-year time period.

Some of the main competences and responsibilities of the ADIA Board of Directors are the following: *

  • guarantees compliance of the legislation in force by the Agency;
  • administers the risk to which the Agency is exposed to during the exercise of its activity by taking necessary measures;
  • creates the system of internal control for all areas of activity of the Agency, as well as its functioning;
  • approves the statute, internal regulation, strategic and annual plans of the activity of the Agency;
  • supervises the activity of the General Director and processes his reports on the administration of the activity of the Agency;
  • approves the organizational structure and the draft budget of the Agency;
  • decides on administration policies of financial means of the Agency;
  • approves the annual balance, annual report and other financial reports of the Agency;
  • determines insurance premiums, contributions of membership and special contributions in accordance with the law “On deposit Insurance”;
  • approves and revokes the issuance of the certificate for the fulfillment of the legal and sub-legal requirements related to deposit insurance and approves the membership or exclusion of subjects from the DIS;
  • approves preventive measures that the Agency exercises on subjects members, according to the provisions of the law “On deposit Insurance” and by-laws, and proposes to the Supervisory Authority sanctions to be taken on subjects members, according to the provisions of the law “On deposit Insurance”;
  • decides on the compensation of insured deposits in accordance with the provisions of the law “On deposit Insurance”;
  • proposes for approval to the Supervisory Authority the deferment of the exercise of the compensation process;
  • decides for the participation of the Agency in the functions of conservatorship, liquidation, sale of the subject members, and for the claim of the Agency on ceded dues from the compensation of depositors;
For more information on the functioning of the Board of Directors and its competences and responsibilities, please refer to articles from 48 to 52 of the Law no. 53/14, dated 22.05.2014 “On deposit insurance”, which can be consulted in the section “Legal Framework” of this website.