On the meeting of the Balkans deposit insurance authorities, member of EFDI.

Publikuar më: 08-06-2023

Following a well-established tradition consolidated from several years now, the EFDI Balkan deposit insuring authorities met on the 1st and 2nd of June 2023 in the city of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Participants in the meeting shared the latest developments in their jurisdictions as well as the challenges they are facing with the aim to improve the deposit insurance schemes and to comply with the Directive 2014/49/EU on Deposit Guarantee Schemes.

Mr. Andras Fekete Gyor, EFDI Secretary General, participated also in the meeting. He presented to the audience the recent developments in the EFDI and more specifically he offered an outlook on the draft proposed amendments in the European Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance legislative framework.

All participants reinforced their belief that such initiatives should continue as they provide a fruitful and effective platform for exchanging information and knowledge considering the similarities of the deposit insurance operational environment in the Balkan region.