Mrs. Vasilika Vjero

Mrs. Vasilika Vjero was born in Tirana in 1976.
Mrs.Vjero graduated from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration in 1998. In 2003 she completed a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln USA, and University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy. She has also been trained in economic growth by Harvard Kennedy School.
Ms. Vjero has held senior management positions, such as General Director of Taxes, General Director of the National Business Center, General Director of the Albanian Road Authority. In her career she counts more than 10 years of work experience for the Municipality of Tirana in the management of the Tax Administration and the Department of Strategic Planning and local budgets, as well as a series of experiences as a financial expert with foreign donors. She has also served as an expert independent fiscal and budget for local government in Albania for a total of 24 municipalities and communes throughout the country.
Ms. Vjero speaks english and italian.

Mr. Genc Mamani

Genci Mamani is the General Director of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency and at the same time a member of its Steering Council.
Mr. Mamani, graduated in 1991 at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, Department of Finance.
In 2001 he completed postgraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin – La Cross, USA, in finance – banking and in 2012 he postgraduate at master’s level in Business Administration at the International Hellenic University, in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Mr. Mamani started his career in 1991 as an economist at the Central Bank of Albania. He pursued his career by holding managerial positions on different commercial banks such as FEFAD Bank (actually Pro Credit Bank), the Italian-Albanian Bank and further on to be back at the Bank of Albania until late 2015. In July 2015 he took over as General Director of the Deposit Insurance Agency.
Mr. Mamani is fluent in English and Italian.

Mr. Donald Duraj

Mr. Donald Duraj was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Deposit Insurance Agency in 2015. He has a progressive career of more than 15 years in the banking system, an integral part of which have been quite active and successful achievements within various prestigious local financial institutions and those in the international network such as Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus. Since 2015, Mr. Duraj holds the position of Chief of Staff of the Governor of the Bank of Albania with the responsibility of advising, assisting, monitoring and coordinating all issues related to the progress and proper functioning of the Governor’s Office and other departments of the Bank of Albania. From 2010 to 2015 Mr. Duraj was Head of Commercial Organization and Market Development Sector at Societe Generale Bank in Albania playing a key role in the strategic direction, short-term and long-term planning, setting key objectives, coordinating inter-divisional and inter-institutional relations, locally and internationally, with public and private companies, et cetera. During this period Mr. Duraj has successfully led at least 15 projects, among the most important ones for the Bank, and with a direct impact on the expansion of activity in the local market and with an increase in profitability. Mr. Duraj worked from 2005 to 2010 at Raiffeisen Bank Albania and Raiffeisen International Austria covering key operational and strategic positions. The most important of them were Head of Individuals Segment, Head of Consumer Credit Products, Project Manager in the “Retail Leadership” Program at Raiffeisen International Austria, etc. Mr. Duraj has graduated at the Faculty of Economics, Department of Finance, Banking Profile, at the University of Tirana.

Faqja Kryesore / Rreth Nesh

ADIA Profile

The Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA) was established in 2002 and carries out its activity based on law no. 53/2014, dated 22.05.2014 on “On Deposit Insurance”, as amended.

ASD administers the deposit insurance scheme. The agency secures deposits in banks and non-profit organizations in the territory of the Republic of Albania, which are the member subjects of the scheme. Their membership in the scheme is compulsory. ASD is a “pay box plus” model. The law “On deposit insurance”, as amended, also allows the Agency to participate by transferring financial means, of the compensation fund, during the extraordinary intervention in banks, in accordance with the provisions of the law “On recovery and extraordinary intervention in bank in the Republic of Albania”. ADIA insures deposits in each Bank up to a maximum of ALL 2.5 million per depositor per Bank. For SCA’s, the limit is a maximum of ALL 2 million per depositor, per SCA.

Any depositor who is a member of a bank or SCA is a beneficiary of the insurance scheme and deposit. These include any individuals, traders and companies, residents or non-residents, Albanian or foreign citizens who have a deposit in a bank or SCA in ALL or in a foreign currency, according to law no. 53/2014, dated 22.05.2014 “On Deposit Insurance”, amended.
Foreign currency deposits are insured up to the same amount. In case of an insurance event, foreign currency deposits are converted to ALL, at the exchange rate on the day of the intervention by the Supervisory Authority (Bank of Albania). The compensation process duration is 3 months from the date of intervention by Bank of Albania on an insured subject.
The initial financing of the deposit insurance scheme was derived by the state budget. The deposit insurance fund for banks and SCAs has continued to grow through the payment of the initial contribution of subjects joining for the first time as well as the payment of the periodic insurance premiums. The deposit insurance premium is calculated by the member entities and paid on a quarterly basis to the Agency’s Bank of Albania account.
ADIA is the administrator of Resolution Fund (RF). The Agency administers RF in accordance with the Financial Assets Management Policy approved by the Bank of Albania, which is the Resolution Authority.

ASD is administered by the Governing Council and directed by the General Director.
ASD reports to the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Albania.
ADIA is a member of the International Organization of Deposit Insurers (IADI) and the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI).

Governing Council

Organization of the Deposit Insurance Agency

The Deposit Insurance Agency Board of Directors is the highest decision-making and supervising organ of ADIA’s activity. In compliance with Law no. 53/14, dated 22.05.2014 “On deposit insurance”, the members of the Board are appointed by the Supervisory Authority and proposed as follows:

Two members from the Supervisory Authority.
Two members from the Minister of Finance.
A member of the Institute of Authorized Accounting Experts (IEKA)

The position-holding duration for each Board of Directors’ member is five years, and all the duration expiry dates intend to fall distributed proportionately throughout the five-year time period.

Donald Duraj

The Bank of Albania


Genci Mamani

The Bank of Albania


Vasilika Vjero

Ministry of Finance


Shkëlzen Margjeka

Institute of Authorized Accounting Experts (IEKA)


Some of the main competences and responsibilities of the ADIA Board of Directors are the following: *

guarantees compliance of the legislation in force by the Agency;
administers the risk to which the Agency is exposed to during the exercise of its activity by taking necessary measures;
creates the internal control system for all areas of the Agency’s activity and ensures its operation;
approves the statute, internal regulations and strategic and annual activity plans of the Agency;
supervises the activity of the general director and examines his reports on the administration of the Agency’s activity;
approves the organizational structure and draft budget of the Agency;
decides on the administration policies of the Agency’s financial resources;
approves the annual balance sheet, annual report and other financial reports of the Agency;
determines insurance premiums, membership contributions and special contributions in accordance with the law “On deposit insurance”;
approves and revokes the granting of certification for the fulfillment of legal and by-law requirements, related to deposit insurance and approves the membership or exclusion of entities from the scheme;
approves the preventive measures that the Agency applies to member entities, in accordance with the law “On deposit insurance” and by-laws, and proposes to the Supervisory Authority the imposition of sanctions on member entities, according to the provisions of the law “On deposit insurance”;
decides on the compensation of insured deposits according to the provisions of the law “On deposit insurance”;
proposes for approval in the Supervisory Authority the postponement of the deadline for carrying out the compensation process;
decide on the Agency’s participation in the functions of custody, liquidation, sale of member entities and on the Agency’s claim of the fees ceded from depositors’ compensation;

*Note: For more information about the functioning of the Governing Council and its meetings, procedures for appointing and dismissing members, powers and responsibilities, please refer to articles 48 to 52 of Law No. 53/14 dated 22.05.2014 “On deposit insurance”, which can be found in the “Legislation” section of this page.


Legal basis

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Strategic plans

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Reports/Financial Statements

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Decisions of the governing council

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Organizational Structure

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