Account with an authorized signer

Deposit in which only its holder has full rights, who has authorized one or several persons to perform actions on their behalf. In the instance of deposits with an authorized signer, only the holder of the deposit is insured and compensated.

Annual report

Formal report on the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA)’s activity, which also contains the institutions’ financial statements as well as the independent auditor’s report. This report, alongside the financial statements, are sent to the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, the Council of Ministers, and the Supervisory Authority. The Agency publishes the report on its official website.


The process undertaken by ADIA for the payment of insured deposits of an institution which has become insolvent and which is a member of the insurance scheme. This process can be enacted in several ways, namely: a) through payment of the amount in ALL; b) through the transfer of the depositor’s entitled amount to another bank that is a member of the scheme; c) through payment by check; d) or through any other ways approved by the Supervisory Authority.


A sum of money that an individual has deposited to an institution that is a member of the deposit insurance scheme and which this institution must repay according to the provisions of a contract and legal provisions.

Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance is the system established in the Republic of Albania for the protection of individuals from losing their deposits in case the institution where these are placed is liquidated, provided that the institution is a member of the deposit insurance scheme. Deposit insurance differs from other insurances because the depositor does not pay to be covered by insurance, as the insurance premium is paid by the institution that is a member of the scheme.


Any residing or non-residing individual, Albanian or foreign, who has a deposit in an institution that is a member of the deposit insurance scheme, in ALL or in a foreign currency.

Independent External Auditor Report

An opinion on the authenticity and sincerity of the financial statements (balance sheet and income and expenditure statements for the financial year). The auditor’s selection is done according to the law “On Public Procurement” and is approved by the Agency’s Governing Council. This opinion is published in the Agency’s Annual Report.


The transfer of risk up to the maximum level of coverage, from the entity that collects deposits to the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency.

Joint account

A deposit shared by two or more names as its holders. In this case, each of them benefits from deposit insurance up to the maximum coverage level.

Moral hazard

The risk of image perception. The Agency is exposed to the impact of risk-inducing events related to a lack of education or awareness by the public regarding the role and function of the Institution.


The monetary value that each member entity of the scheme pays to the Agency with the intention of securing the entity’s deposits.

Reserve fund

A liquid fund of the Agency, solidified by the Supervisory Authority, which can be used to cover risks while exercising its activity.

Supervisory Authority

The Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency has the Bank of Albania as its Supervisory Authority.