The Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of Albania

Publikuar më: 30-12-2019

With the aim of further developing the deposit insurance scheme, protecting depositor interests’ and strengthening the financial stability in Albania, the Deposit Insurance Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of Albania on the 27th December 2019. The institutional cooperation among these authorities marks an important step in implementing the Agency’s strategic priorities. This MoU aims at further developing on a technical and operational level, the already consolidated cooperation among the DIA and Bank of Albania in its role as Supervisory Authority.

This MoU will increase the efficiency in coordinating activities and functions of these two institutions, as well as the continuous exchange of information and experiences, for reaching respective public goals. In particular, this MoU will establish a platform for the operational cooperation with regard to the bank resolution function and the respective roles of each instutiton in this direction.