Representation of the Deposit Insurance Agency at the Seminar organized by IADI on the topic: Main challenges in compensation of depositors

Publikuar më: 22-05-2023

On 10 – 11 May 2023, the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) organized a seminar on Key Challenges in Depositor Compensation in Tunisia. In this event were presented some of the best international practices related to Fundamental Principle 15 of IADI “Compensation of depositors”.

The Deposit Insurance Agency (ADIA), invited by IADI, was represented in this event by Mrs. Blerta Koçi, Head of the Information Technology Sector at ADIA, as a speaker in Section 2: The main operational aspects of an effective compensation process. The topic of the presentation was: “Regulatory and technological elements for the IT system for the Unique Presentation of the Depositor (SCV)”. The IADI invitation to participate in this event, came as the result of the experience of the Deposit Insurance Agency, built over the years, in terms of implementing the regulatory framework and technological infrastructure in accordance with the best international standards in the field of deposit insurance.

Mrs. Koçi presented in detail the infrastructure and IT systems used by the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency for the validation, processing and storage of data needed in a payout process. The participants in the seminar were very interested on the topic and participated actively in the exchange of experience regarding the work practices followed by the Agency.

This seminar was attended by 150 representatives of homologous schemes, from different countries, members of IADI. This seminar was of a particular importance as it dealt at a technical level with the appropriate legal and regulatory framework for the Single Customer View (SCV), as well as for creating access to depositor data and IT systems of members of deposit insurance scheme. Single customer view (SCV) plays a critical role in ensuring an effective clearing process and represents a major challenge for many deposit insurance institutions around the globe.


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