On the visit of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency to Finansiel Stabilitet, Denmark

Publikuar më: 07-10-2022

A group of representatives from the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency held a two-day visit to Finansiel Stabilitet, the institution responsible for resolution of banks and deposit insurance of Denmark. The purpose of this visit was to exchange experiences in the common areas of interest for the respective institutions.

Topics of discussions between the representatives were focused on the challenges that the financial regulatory institutions are facing, in the situation of global financial developments, as well as the measures applied in the respective jurisdictions. Taking into consideration that Denmark is member of the European Union, the topic of discussions, among others, were the efforts and projects of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency for compliance with the acquis communitaire in matters of deposit insurance, as well as the implementation by Finansiel Stabilitet of the EU legal framework in the national context.

At the end of this meeting, the parties reconfirmed their willing to further extend the cooperation.