3rd meeting of Deposit Insurers from Balkan Region- multilateral MoU signed

Publikuar më: 16-03-2016

After two previous meetings held in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015, Deposit Insurers from Balkan region, members of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers, met in Serbia (Zlatibor) on March 11th where they continue to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices in the field of Deposit Insurance.

In order to boost the cooperation and expertise exchange, Deposit Insurers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia signed multilateral Memorandum of understanding.

The objective of multilateral MoU is to enable the signatories to create joint platforms so as to pursue their mutual interests in international organizations, to enhance their experience and expertise, and to work closely together to support and contribute to the overall financial stability in the region. The signatories plan to accomplish these goals by exchanging relevant information on the situation in local financial and banking sectors, participating in crisis simulation exercises, initiating joint research projects, improving the regulatory framework and practice, setting up expert groups, staff exchange and training, etc.

The meeting also included various panel discussions on the risk monitoring and deposit insurance premium assessment, and deposit insurance fund financing and management.

Risk monitoring and determining deposit insurance premium rate

Funding and DIF management Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency