Curriculum Vitae Mrs. Nexhmije Çela

Ms. Nexhmije Çela was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency in 2016.

She holds the “Legal Auditor” and “Expert” professional titles in the field of accounting and financial reporting, taxes and fees and has been practicing this profession since 2000. Currently, Ms. Çela is a managing partner and administrator in the accounting and auditing firm “Crowe AL”, registered in the Public Register of Legal Auditors in the Republic of Albania.

Ms. Nexhmije Çela, completed her higher studies in 1985, at the Faculty of Economics at the Agricultural University of Tirana, where she graduated with a degree in Finance.

Ms. Çela has participated in several scientific and professional activities such as the Conference for the restructuring of the banking system in Albania, organized by Staffordshire University UK – EU PHARE programs; International Privatization Conference, organized by European regulators in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Conferences of the accounting and auditing profession in Albania, France, Italy, Greece, etc. ; World Congresses of Accountants in Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, as well as in many other professional activities.

Independent work as a legal auditor in various business entities, such as domestic and foreign companies, financial institutions, non-profit entities and government, has made it possible for Ms. Çela to accumulate extensive experience in the field of financial reporting, auditing, taxation and business advisory services.

Ms. Çela has very good knowledge and analytical skills for financial problems, insurance market and capital. From 2006-2013 she served as a member of the Board of Directors of Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency.