ADIA visit at the Deposit Insurance Fund of Montenegro

Publikuar më: 21-03-2019

On March 15th 2019, representatives of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency, led by General Director Mr. Genci Mamani, held a meeting with the Deposit Insurance Fund of Montenegro in Podgorica.

The purpose of the working visit was to learn from the latest experience of the counterparts from Montenegro in relation to the payout of deposits of a bank placed under compulsory liquidation by the Central Bank of Montenegro. This was the first payout conducted by the Deposit Insurance Fund of Montenegro, a process which started at the end of January 2019.

Upon receiving the notification of the insurance event, Mr. Mamani immediately contacted Mr. Predrag Markovic, General Director of the Deposit Insurance Fund of Montenegro, and expressed the availability of ADIA to offer support in this payout process.

During this visit, valuable experiences were shared among ADIA staff by the counterparts of the Deposit Insurance Fund of Montenegro, in relation to complications and lessons learned by this process. Among others, discussion were held with regard to preparations for a timely solution of other potential challenges in an insurance event, as well as the measures to be taken for a quick and effective solution, taking into consideration the similar operational structures of these authorities and the almost identical financial environment.

Both authorities expressed their commitment to further strengthen and enhance their cooperation for potential payout processes in the future.