7th EFDI Balkan region meeting

Publikuar më: 07-02-2019

Mr. Genci Mamani, General Director of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency, took part in the 7th regional meeting of EFDI Balkan, organised by the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in Vlasic, from the 31st January – 3rd February 2019. In this meeting, the participants shared recent developments in their respective deposit insurance schemes. Among others, the discussions were focused in recent structural changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, recent developments relating to a payout case in Montenegro, the role of IT systems in a payout process, simulation exercises as important tests for testing operational readiness of deposit insurance schemes, etc.

This meeting follows a well-established tradition according to which deposit insurance authorities of the Balkan region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia), formalized in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by them, who share many similarities in their respective banking and financial systems, gather with the aim to discuss and share experiences and knowledge among each other.

The European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) is a European deposit insurance organization, in which the ADIA is a member, that contributes to the stability of financial systems through European and international cooperation in the field of deposit insurance, crisis resolution, exchange of experiences and information etc. EFDI regularly organizes workshops and conferences for its members on technical and regulatory issues related to deposit insurance, crisis management and investor compensation. EFDI also engages in consultations regarding European regulatory instruments with European Union institutions, in particular regarding th Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive, including with important stakeholder such as EU Commission, European Parliament etc. This is particularly important for Albania given its relations with EU and its EU member candidate status.